Whether you are in pursuit of cost reduction, operational excellence or portfolio visibility, REFM Technology Strategies brings the objectivity and methods to help optimize the use of REFM technology within your organization.

  • Strategy & Planning
  • Readiness & Alignment
  • Market Analysis
  • Procurement
  • Implementation Oversight
  • Portfolio Data Modeling
  • Strategy-As- A-Service

Strategy & Planning

REFM business and IT leaders are routinely challenged to maintain technology and data programs that improve portfolio effectiveness. This is not an easy proposition. Enterprise objectives, portfolio transformation strategies and technology trends are highly dynamic factors which have the tendency to disrupt the efficacy of REFM technology and data programs. Our REFM Technology Strategy & Planning service provides a proven method for helping REFM business leaders plan and optimize the use of REFM technology and data within their organization. We factor known business conditions and desired automation objectives with the latest REFM technology trends to develop a program level REFM technology strategy including:
  • Baseline of Current State REFM Technology and Data Conditions
  • REFM Technology Model Analysis & Simulation
  • Deployment Roadmapping
  • Business Case Development and Audits
  • Program Risk Assessment (process, organization, data)
  • Deployment Recommendations and Work Plan
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Readiness & Alignment

Business processes, organizational constructs and data are critical factors in any REFM technology initiative. Yet, these factors are too commonly underestimated or overlooked causing REFM technology investments to under perform. At REFM Technology Strategies, we bring a deep understanding of the interdependencies between process, people and data. Applying our blue-chip management consulting experience and knowledge of leading REFM practices, we help our clients to calibrate their operations to their REFM technology programs.
  • Business Process Analysis, Design and Automation Mapping
  • Portfolio Performance Metrics and KPI Development
  • Organizational Analysis and Structuring
  • Change Management and Communications
  • Data Integrity Review and Cleansing
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Market Analysis

The REFM technology market, including IWMS technology, point solutions, BI solutions and apps as well as service providers, has progressed dramatically over the past 5 years. Organizations that do not periodically take a fresh look at the REFM market risk overlooking valuable advancements and opportunities for innovation. REFM Technology Strategies maintains superior market intelligence of the REFM technology vendor and service provider landscape. Our independent position in the market helps business leaders make more informed REFM technology decisions including:
  • Comparative Analysis of REFM Technology Vendors and Service Providers
  • Emerging Solutions
  • Industry Trends and Leading Practices
  • Insourcing vs Outsourcing
  • Bundling of REFM Functions
  • Solution Upgrade Tradeoff Analysis
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Whether your organization is pursuing REFM technology for the first time or more advanced solution generations, the procurement process can be complex and resource intensive. REFM Technology Strategies helps guide clients through the end-to-end procurement process using proven methods and templates that are tailored to meet company-specific objectives while providing ongoing market insights throughout the duration of the procurement cycle. Key areas of support include:
  • Go –To-Market Strategy Development
  • System Requirements Development
  • Hosting Model Analysis
  • RFP and Component Document Development
  • Solution Demo Scripting
  • RFP Process Coordination and Vendor Down Selection
  • Negotiation and Contracting Support
  • Implementation Planning and Training Activities
  • System Transition / Migration Support
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Implementation Oversight

Technology implementations are burdened with challenges and complexities that can erode deployment time-to-value objectives. Managing expectations between the customer and vendor(s), aligning geographies and business units, coordinating data migration efforts and facilitating user acceptance testing are just a few common concerns that can significantly influence system deployment and overall adoption. REFM Technology Strategies works with our clients to oversee and coordinate the REFM technology implementation lifecycle. Our advanced PMO techniques position our clients to achieve ROI objectives, system productivity and user adoption while mitigating project issues and risks throughout the deployment process.
  • Project budgeting and tracking
  • Workplan development and management
  • Stakeholder communications
  • Deployment oversight (system design and configuration, integrations, testing, data migration, system performance, and training)
  • Solution Demo Scripting
  • Ongoing system support resource planning
  • Solution roadmap
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Portfolio Data Modeling

Organizations often run a complex web of REFM technology systems – sometimes as many 25 or even more servicing the spectrum of RFM functions (lease and transaction management, capital projects, space and move, facilities operations and maintenance and energy management). Consequently, clients commonly struggle to manage disparate data models and achieve consolidated portfolio-level analytics and reporting. REFM Technology Strategies helps our clients to know their data. We develop and maintain portfolio-level data models that position our clients to achieve advanced portfolio performance analytics. Our portfolio data modeling capabilities include:
  • Standardizing REFM data conventions across source systems
  • Validating and cleansing source system data
  • Aligning portfolio data to portfolio performance analytic (BI) solutions
  • Creating center-led data definitions and ongoing governance models
  • Communicating data standards to third-party service providers
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Strategy-As- A-Service

As an enterprise-level business function, REFM business leaders are deeply dependent on technology. Yet many organizations do not have the time, resources, objectivity or interest to manage their RFFM technology programs effectively, reinforcing silo technology decisions and inhibiting portfolio efficiencies REFM Technology Strategies recognizes that REFM technology requires constant stewardship. Our ‘strategy-as-a-service’ offering serves as a REFM Center of Excellence for your organization. We combine our advanced insights, objectivity, experience and methods to lead your organization’s REFM technology program.
  • Ensure ongoing alignment between technology and business and portfolio objectives
  • Monitor and report industry trend and leading practices
  • Maintain a master inventory of existing REFM technology systems and related system profile data
  • Capture REFM technology total cost of ownership
  • Create and maintain program and system level roadmaps
  • Manage system procurement activities
  • Provide program -level oversee of REFM technology vendors and service providers activities
  • Provided targeted PMO services for individual system implementation projects
Download our latest white paper REFM Technology Strategy – Why it Matters and What to Consider by visiting our Insights page. Or to learn more about our Strategy & Planning services please contact us by email at