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  • IWMS Technology
  • Business Intelligence
  • Digital Workplace
  • Outsourcing
  • Internet of Things
  • Mobility

IWMS Technology

IWMS is a common REFM technology and data approach used by many global organizations to service the needs of core REFM business functions. It offers greatest value but also the greatest risk. A cohesive, independent strategy, readiness plan and implementation roadmap is essential for any organizations pursuing IWMS technology adoption.

REFM Technology Strategies has been at the forefront of the IWMS technology market for over 15 years. Our IWMS experience spans the IWMS technology life cycle including planning, RFP development and sourcing, transition and implementation and ongoing support. Additionally, our team has published dozens of authoritative IWMS white papers, market studies and vender analysis perspectives. We understand the business benefits of IWMS technology as well as the practical complexities and risk factors better than anyone.

Download our latest white paper Third Generation IWMS Technology - Aligning IWMS with Customer Adoption Practices by visiting our Insights page.

Business Intelligence

Portfolio DW/BI is an essential tool for any organization that maintains a network of disparate of REFM technology systems. It helps to aggregate and centralize portfolio data and delivers advanced cross functional portfolio analytics including trending, current performance measures and predictive analysis of key performance metrics.

At REFM Technology Strategies, we understand complex global REFM portfolio data models, analytic requirements and metrics that can help REFM business leaders achieve advanced visibility into portfolio performance.

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Digital Workplace

The consumerization of REFM services is here and leading global businesses have begun to pursue advanced digital workplace strategies that enhance customer and service delivery experiences across the REFM value chain. For many organizations, this is a strategic REFM initiative that offers an important source of enterprise value creation, brand identity, and talent attraction and retention.

Applying the depth of our experience with REFM workplace strategy and business process best practices, we understand how and where digital technology solutions can be applied to improve REFM services, strengthen employee satisfaction and build operational efficiencies.

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Organizations are increasingly confronting whether to outsource their REFM technology systems to their REFM service providers. This trend is disrupting the traditional REFM technology market and forcing many REFM business and IT leaders to tradeoff the relative benefits between insourcing and outsourcing their REFM technology solutions.

At REFM Technology Strategies, we understand the business context and drivers behind REFM outsourcing and the implications that these initiatives have on REFM technology and data programs. Our experience finds that this may be one of the most important REFM technology decisions that an organization makes – which can have far-reaching and lasting consequences to REFM technology and data effectiveness.

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Internet of Things

IOT is a white hot topic but still relatively nascent in the REFM sector. Things (i.e., assets, equipment and people) are connected to the internet, sensory and metering technologies monitor conditions and analytics are applied to measure and manage performance. The broad appeal of IoT is that cost savings (ROI) are highly tangible and the IoT model can be applied to a single asset or entire asset class.

REFM Technology Strategies helps our clients to put IoT into practice within their organization by identifying, planning and executing high value IoT opportunities. Whether it is developing a comprehensive IoT strategy or piloting an individual IoT initiative, we can help organizations effectively target and prioritize their IoT investments.

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Mobility continues to evolve as a strategic imperative for many leading REFM organizations. Mobility is an operational ‘glue’ that delivers major value across the REFM value chain including service delivery enablement, field operations efficiencies and enhancements to the employee workplace experience.

REFM Technology Strategies can help REFM business and IT leaders to effectively prioritize mobility initiatives, understand the complex landscape of mobility solutions and apps and ensure sufficient interoperability is established between mobile applications and source systems.

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