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REFMTS Completes Spinoff of Proptech R&D Company

June 28,2018

REFM Technology Strategies, LLC is excited to share that it recently completed the spinoff of its proptech venture, TowerHouse, Inc.

TowerHouse is a real estate technology research and development company that blends best practices from commercial, corporate and residential real estate, personal finance and social media to produce enabling technologies that empower the residential real estate ecosystem.

“We couldn’t have timed the launch of TowerHouse any better”, says TowerHouse CEO, Daniel O’Toole. “Real estate, across all segments, is experiencing a new wave of digital renaissance. This influx of innovation has helped us to isolate significant gaps in the digital landscape serving the residential real estate segment. TowerHouse is pursuing these inefficiencies aggressively with the goal of influencing how residential real estate is managed, consumed, transacted and even socialized.”

TowerHouse recently launched its much-anticipated digital home management platform HomeEgg. HomeEgg is a free home management solution that helps homeowners build wealth, find cost savings, prevent value seepage and create leverage across the real estate ecosystem.

“What’s most exciting about HomeEgg is that it gives homeowners control over the financial performance of their home. Unlike other popular residential real estate platforms that focus on enabling real estate agents and lenders at the transaction level, HomeEgg is focused on empowering homeowners throughout the homeownership lifecycle”, says O’Toole. He adds, “HomeEgg users will gain a whole new level of financial visibility and insight that they’ve never had before. And best of all, it’s free for all users.”

TowerHouse is built on twenty years of blue-chip management consulting experience delivering innovative real estate solutions to Fortune 500 companies, global asset management firms, and public sector agencies. But our experience doesn’t end there. The TowerHouse team, which we are actively expanding, brings business acumen and leadership from a variety of dependent industries including real estate services, brokerage, mortgage lending, public policy, consumer products, application development, and business intelligence.

To learn more about TowerHouse, Inc. visit or contact us via

Seeking Top Talent

August 28,2017

REFM Technology Strategies is in the fast lane and we’re hiring.

REFM Technology Strategies, LLC is growing rapidly. We’re seeking top talent to join our professional services team across a spectrum of positions. REFMTS is hyper-focused on delivering transformative client outcomes within a fun and entrepreneurial culture, and we are looking for candidates who have a passion and curiosity for outperforming.

Check out our open positions:

  • Senior Director
  • Manager
  • Senior Consultant
  • IBM TRIRIGA Senior Business Analyst (FT or subcontract)

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Company Update – September 2017

August 21,2017

What’s more fun than starting a management consulting firm? Watching it grow! Only one year from launching, REFM Technology Strategies continues to expand its client base and market presence. We believe that our growth is a direct reflection of our perspectives, focus and positioning.

Before we had a single had a client, we made the decision to make a major investment in our thought leadership perspectives. We realized the best way to separate ourselves in an saturated market was to lead with ideas and insights. And this is where our clients win.

REFM Technology Strategies stands out in four very specific ways:

1. We are the only pure-play independent REFM technology consulting services firm in the market. We have no vested interest in software vendors or service providers. Our goal is purely to find the right REFM technology program that best serves each organization unique business objectives.

2. We understand the REFM technology issues and options that challenge today’s business leaders. Key themes we’ve been tasked to solve for include: “Are we throwing good money at a bad system?”, “How do I align REFM technology and data with our global outsourcing strategy?”, “What technology model is best for our organization?”, “How do I justify the cost of technology?”, and “How do I align technology with our workplace services program?”

3. We have serviced a strong cross section of markets and carry these experiences forward. Whether global retail, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, financial services, media and entertainment, or federal and higher – education, the REFM Technology Team has delivered services across these core market segments.

4. We challenge the hype curve. From IoT, FASB, consumerization of services, workplace digitialization, we help our clients see past the hype and focus on piloting innovation while keeping true to core REFM technology practices.

Through our insight, objectivity, experience and proven methods, REFM Technology Strategies is positioned to help global businesses, public sector agencies and universities transform their REFM technology and data strategies. To learn more about us, check out