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REFM Technology Strategy - Why It Matters and What to Consider

Defining and maintaining a coherent real estate and facilities management (REFM) technology strategy is an increasingly critical aspect for the success of any REFM organization. Yet, too often, REFM technology is overlooked as a strategic priority, leaving significant benefits and portfolio value on table.

This position is supported by two primary factors. First, the number of REFM technology systems, analytic platforms, mobile solutions and apps are proliferating in many organizations. We routinely find organizations that maintain twenty to as many as one-hundred-and-twenty different REFM technology solutions. Second, REFM business and IT leaders are commonly pushed into a cycle of managing REFM technology on a situational level which is driven by customer requests for new capabilities, upgrade pressure from vendors and system integrators, requests for operational reports, triaging system support requests and ongoing training needs.

These conditions have significant and cascading consequences… DOWNLOAD THE FULL WHITE PAPER

Third Generation IWMS Technology - Aligning IWMS with Customer Adoption Practices

More than fifteen years on since the inception of integrated workplace management system (IWMS) technology, there is sufficient evidence in customer adoption trends to signal that IWMS has transitioned to a third generation. Characteristically, third generation IWMS:

  • Remains a leading, best-in-class REFM technology and data model
  • Represents an approach not a single system
  • Is more tempered, agile and nuanced than previous IWMS generations
  • Aligns with customer technology environments, portfolio operations and procurement practices

REFM Internet of Things (IoT) - Breaking Down the Value Proposition

Internet of Things (IoT) has emerged as a white-hot trend in the REFM technology segment. IoT is introducing a spectrum of opportunities for REFM organizations to make measurable contributions to enterprise cost reduction and digital transformation goals. As IoT continues to mature and practical use cases emerge, we expect it will have a major influence on REFM portfolio effectiveness and innovation in the coming years.