Our Focus

REFM Technology Strategies, LLC is a management consulting firm specializing in helping global businesses, public sector agencies and universities improve the effective use of REFM technology within the organization.We work in partnership with our clients to develop, execute, and maintain transformative REFM technology and data strategies that:

  • Enable enterprise business and portfolio objectives
  • Deliver measurable financial results and efficiencies
  • Optimize existing technology solutions
  • Improve portfolio data models and integrity
  • Strengthen portfolio analytics and reporting

Why REFM Technology Strategies

REFM Technology Strategies is differentiated in the market by our commitment to delivering world class consulting services built on a proven foundation of:

  • Insights: We study our business, positioning us at the forefront of REFM technology thought, market trends and leading practices
  • Objectivity: We are system agnostic, enabling us to help our clients plan and execute ‘the right’ REFM technology program for their organization without vendor or provider bias
  • Experience: We have been delivering REFM technology services for over 15 years, equipping us with a deep understanding across the REFM value chain and IT life cycle
  • Methods: We apply proven methodologies and techniques, transferring service efficiencies and assurance to our clients

REFM Technology Strategies, LLC was founded by Daniel O’Toole. Daniel was the Founder and Managing Partner of IWMSconnect, LLC which launched in 2008 and was acquired in 2013 by UMS Advisory (now Trascent Management Consulting). Daniel previously held senior level corporate real estate (CRE) positions at blue-chip consulting firm including Ernst & Young, LLP, Booz Allen Hamilton and Deloitte Consulting, LLP.